What is Social Fixer for Facebook Extension?

Sometimes the features Facebook.com provide don’t interest you. And you want to style the platform to your taste.  The Social Fixer for Facebook does this for you.

It is an extension that plugs into your browser to improve your Facebook experience. With it, you can hide sponsored posts on your news feed, make the recent post appear on top of your feeds, and help you find new comments on posts with lots of activity.

Recently, I was reading the social fixer review and I found that the extension has many mind-blowing features that can improve your existing Facebook experience.

Here are some of the features.

Features of Social Fixer

1. News Feed Filtering

This filter feature allows you to create criteria for your feed. You can hide stories by keyword, author, application, and organize your feed into tabs to group posts into categories. You can also add some advanced rules by applying HTML classes to posts that match rules and add CSS styles to customize how they appear.

2. Declutter Your News Feed

After reading a post, you can use the social fixer extension to hide the posts in your news feed so that you don’t duplicate efforts but only focus on new content.

3. Take Ads Off

The social fixer extension has pre-set filters to hide ads or sponsored in your news feed.

4. Assign Filter Seamlessly

The filters on social fixers are pre-made so they are easy to assign at a click. It updates automatically so you don’t have to keep doing the same settings.

5. Hide Political Posts

Do those political posts annoy you? Yeah. Me too. Another social fixer filter removes all the politically-related posts from your news feed.

6. Fix “Enter” in Comments

The “enter” key submits your comments. With the social fixer extension, you can tweak the “enter” key to create a new line in the comment box.

7. Personalize Your Display 

The social fixer extension provides a list of custom CSS rules that allows you to personalize your Facebook display. From fonts to colors to sizes, you can change the entire look. It also has a list of design options that you can pick from.

8. Show Hidden Messages

When unidentified contact sends you a message, Facebook hides the messages from you. The social fixer extension informs you of these unseen messages so you can read them.

9. Stay On The Most Recent Feed

Automatically stay on your most recent feeds all the time. The Facebook algorithm switches you back to the “Top Stories” view of your news feed, even after you’ve chosen to view the “Most Recent”. Use the social fixer to permanently switch to the most recent posts on your news feeds. 

10. Hide Parts Of The Page

There are parts of the Facebook platform that you’d like to hide. The “Hide Parts of the Page” features allow you to hide any interface from the menu so you don’t have to deal with them ever again.

11. Display Photo Tags

Facebook automatically identifies keywords on posted photos. The social fixer extension reveals the tag’s attributes on the photo when you hover over them.

12. Enhance Trending Stories

The social fixer extension also lets you enjoy the trending stories on your news feed by displaying summary headlines and their relative popularity.

13. View Older Comments

When a post has lots of comments, it becomes difficult to find earlier comments. The social fixer allows you to add a comment navigator which automatically expands all comments and allows you to view old comments.

14. Hide Hovercards

Hovering over a contact pops up with the details about the person. You can use the social fixer extension to disable this feature so that the panel doesn’t pop up.

15. Activate “Don’t Like” Protection

Sometimes you want to spy on contact on Facebook Groups or Pages and don’t want to mistakenly “Like” or send a friend request to them. This protection removes all those action buttons so you don’t make that error.

16. Reveal Actual Time Stamps

On posts and comments, Facebook vaguely shows the time of post, the social fixer extension reveals the real timestamp instead of showing “one hour ago.

17. Get Tips and Tricks

The social fixer extension reveals the “little-known” Facebook settings and customization secrets by recommending the list of settings you should try, and guides you to effect the change, it also highlights the control you need to use to change the setting.

18. Make Your Screenshots Anonymous

In case you want to post a screenshot and you don’t want anyone to know it’s you. Using the social fixer extension, you can hide your profile and that of your tag contact so you all stay anonymous. 

19. Import External CSS

The social fixer extension also allows you to have a set of custom CSS themes that you apply to Facebook. 

20. Data Export/Import Your User Preferences

The social fixer extension allows you to backup all your settings, filters, changes made, and data at any time by exporting them and you can also import the same to share with friends and colleagues. 

Quite a lot that you can achieve from using this extension.

But why is it important that you utilize the highlighted features?  

Why Should you Use This Facebook Extension?

Business success takes planning and if your day-to-day activities involve working on Facebook, it is important you have more control over the platform. It will be difficult to create clear goals if the gossip on Facebook distracts your thoughts. 

According to Atlassian, the average employee spends 2 hours per day, recovering from distractions. This is why you should use the social fixer extension. 

1. Time Efficiency

The social fixer extension is a great way to manage your time on Facebook. Be it for business or personal endeavors, you are able to manage your Facebook profile to include and remove the features that are not useful for you at any point in time. This will help you meet your schedule and effectively manage your tasks.

2. Personalized Experience

It’s tiring to always make changes to your Facebook profile because Facebook has refused to design it to your taste. You detest the sponsored ads and switching from top to most recent stories is a chore.

Customizing your Facebook profile gives you that sense of using personalized products, it saves your time and effort and you can have perceived service quality and satisfaction.

3. Feeling of Class

Imagine that outstanding feeling that you’d get when your friends ask you why your Facebook profile is so different and outstanding. Aside from this classy feeling, you can get top stories fast and seamlessly work with customers without having to worry about the look that you don’t like.

How do I Use Social Fixer For Facebook Extension?

The social fixer extension is available on several web browsers. You can find it by doing a simple Google search on your preferred web browser using the keyword, “Social Fixer for Facebook on Firefox”, “Social Fixer for Facebook on Opera”.

To download the Social Fixer for Facebook on Chrome, search for the keyword on your Chrome Browser.

Then click on the link as shown in the screenshot below.

Social Fixer

Now click “Add to Chrome”, and the Social Fixer for Facebook will be added to your Chrome extension.

Social Fixer for Facebook

How to Use the Social Fixer Extension

Using the extension doesn’t cause any brain drain.

Ensure that the extension is active as shown in the part labeled 1 in the screenshot below. Then open Facebook.com, then the social fixer icon will be displayed as shown in the part labeled 2 below.

Click and you can see the different options to personalize your Facebook experience.

This works on both the old and new Facebook layout.

Social Fixer Alternatives

Social Fixer for Facebook has numerous alternatives. Some of them are FB Purity, Facebook Flat, and Greasemonkey.

Though similar, these extensions have their peculiarity.

Social Fixer vs FB Purity

Social Fixer for Facebook.

Social Fixer is the most comprehensive and well known of all similar extensions. It has numerous features that allow you to customize your News Feed and get an insight into the happenings on your profile.

It allows you to;

  1. Filter your feed by keywords and authors.
  2. Sort posts into different tabs (Games, Applications, etc.).
  3. Hide posts you have read.
  4. Hover over a photo to see it in full size.
  5. Apply new themes, like a dark view.
  6. Increase font size.
  7. Sort News Feed by Most Recent and keep it that way.
  8. Change the appearance of hashtags, or hide them completely.

FB Purity

Also, called FaceBook Purity, F.B. Purity is another extension that allows you to personalize your Facebook look and interests. Though it features overlaps that of Social Fixer for Facebook, here are its features:

  1. Disable auto-playing videos.
  2. Hide all photos and videos from the feed.
  3. Hide posts by keywords and phrases.
  4. Expand the width of the News Feed column.
  5. Hide trending topics and hashtags.
  6. Freeze the left sidebar so all your navigation elements are available even when you scroll down.
  7. Change the font, font size, background colors.
  8. Block certain apps from your News Feed.
  9. Import and export settings.

Social Fixer vs Custom Feed for Facebook

Custom Feed for Facebook

The Custom Feed for Facebook extension gives your Facebook an awesome new design and functionality. It provides features like blocking ads on Facebook and lets you customize navigation and provides shortcuts to maneuver your Facebook activities.

Here are some of its core features.

  1. Check who unfriended you. 
  2. Remove the “seen” feature from the messenger.
  3. Get access to other feeds that match your interests.
  4. Increase the readability of your feeds. 

Social Fixer vs Greasemonkey


Greasemonkey, a Firefox extension, is another alternative for social fixer that allows you to customize the way webpages look and function. It has several free scripts that one can use to customize the display and behavior of web pages.  

Note that this is not specific to Facebook and it requires a level of technical knowledge to operate.

Final Thoughts 

The social fixer for Facebook extension is a must for every Facebook user, particularly if your business has its target audience as active Facebook users, you can employ the extension to track your interactions with your clients while it also gives you a comfortable feel to prevent distractions and focus more.

Another tool that boosts productivity and makes life easier on Facebook is the Chatsilo Chrome extension, this extension allows you to create tags and to manage, organize your Facebook Messenger conversations and leads. 

Here are some of the features,

  1. Inbuilt custom tags
  2. Custom tag colors
  3. Notes by tags or contacts
  4. Browser reminders
  5. Canned messages/responses
  6. Message templates
  7. Google calendar integration
  8. Support Facebook Marketplace
  9. Support Facebook Pages
  10. Ability to send mass message to all friends on Facebook messenger
  11. Tag contacts on Messenger, your Facebook profile, groups.  

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