Pepper4FB vs ChatSilo – A Side-by-Side Comparison

As an entrepreneur growing a business, your time is precious. There is incredible value in connecting with potential customers through Facebook, but you only have so many hours in the day. Facebook CRM apps are designed to add valuable time back into your day by automating processes, including sending friend requests, messages, and responses.

The value of Facebook Messenger CRM tools has become more apparent in recent years, and there are several applications to choose from. So, which option is the best for you and your business? 

In this article, we break down the difference between Pepper4FB and Chatsilo, two of the top mini Facebook Messenger CRM apps available today.

What Is Pepper4FB?

Pepper4FB is marketed as an executive assistant for your Facebook marketing effort. “Pepper,” the application’s nickname, can use keywords to send automatic Facebook friend requests within Facebook Groups. If someone accepts your friend request, you can set up automatic welcome messages in Facebook Messenger and personalize these messages with the contact name. 

Within Facebook Messenger,  you can utilize CRM features like color-coded tagging to keep track of prospects, leads, and follow up opportunities. Canned responses enable you to automatically reply to conversations within Messenger. 

How Does Pepper4FB Work?

Pepper4FB is both a web application and a Google Chrome extension. You can manage your templates and tags within the web app and set up automated friend requests from the extension. Pepper integrates directly with Facebook Messenger, so you can tag and track leads within Messenger instead of switching back to the Pepper software.

Pepper4FB Alternative: ChatSilo

While Pepper4FB offers several beneficial features for entrepreneurs marketing on Facebook, it has some stiff competition. Chatsilo is a powerful mini Facebook Messenger CRM application that gives Pepper a run for her money. 

Like Pepper, ChatSilo features tools to automatically send friend requests, welcome messages, and canned responses. It also turns your Facebook Messenger into a mini CRM with color-coded tags and lead tracking.

Chatsilo excels when it comes to creating and maintaining sales funnels, though. Create custom tags to manage your leads, write detailed notes within Messenger, and create unlimited message templates to respond to important conversations. Direct integration with your Google Calendar enables you to set up reminders for follow-ups, so you never miss an opportunity in Facebook Messenger again.

How Does ChatSilo Work?

Chatsilo is known for its easy-to-use functionality, and even the newest entrepreneurs and Facebook users can master the tool in no time. Like Pepper4fb, ChatSilo is a Google Chrome Extension and web app. The new web app from ChatSilo enables you to manage everything in one convenient place, while the Chrome extension lets you work directly in Messenger or Facebook without switching tabs. 

Within Facebook Messenger, you can assign color-coded tags to users and conversations through ChatSilo. By managing your leads, you can create beneficial sales funnels to ensure all of your Facebook leads are properly pursued. Create custom messages and templates to keep leads from getting lost in your chat. 

Chatsilo also offers support for Facebook Marketplace. Entrepreneurs that sell on the bustling Facebook Marketplace know how easy it is to become inundated with messages. With ChatSilo, you can easily keep track of potential customers and stop missing out on legitimate sales.  

Not only that but Chatsilo also work with your Facebook pages. 

Feature Comparison: Pepper4FB and ChatSilo

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Pepper4FB and ChatSilo seem to offer many of the same features and functionality. The difference lies in the details, though. As you can see from the chart above, ChatSilo’s features go above and beyond what is offered by Pepper. 

With both extensions, you can send automated friend requests and welcome messages and tag conversations in Messenger. However, Pepper limits the number of friend requests and welcome messages that can be sent per day while ChatSilo offers unlimited numbers on both. 

Pepper and ChatSilo also allow you to tag conversations in Facebook Messenger using a color-coded system. However, ChatSilo lets you tag individual Facebook users or entire Facebook groups while Pepper is limited to using a keyword list. With ChatSilo, potential leads are less likely to fall through the cracks because you are not responsible for generating your own keyword list. 

Your Facebook Messenger CRM features are also improved with ChatSilo because you can send messages manually or send to many contacts at one time. With Pepper, you are left sending messages in batches. Chatsilo makes it easier to follow up with leads as well because it integrates directly with your Google Calendar. You can set up custom reminders and prevent leads from getting lost in chat, a feature that is not available with Pepper.

Price Comparison: Pepper4FB and ChatSilo

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Pricing is another category where these two Facebook CRM applications differ. With Pepper4FB, you can start with the tier one package called Pepper for $97 per month. This tier enables you to automatically send friend requests and welcome messages, but not much more than that. The second tier, Pepper+, adds Messenger CRM features like color-coded tagging for $129 per month. Finally, top tier sets you back $149 per month. With Pepper Infinity you have access to canned responses.

Chatsilo costs significantly less than Pepper4FB, with lifetime access for 50 years coming in at less than $1 per month. With ChatSilo Starter, you can access a month-to-month membership for $29 per month. The first tier of ChatSilo offers unlimited custom tags, notes, follow up reminders, and message templates. You can connect one Facebook Messenger account and receive support for your Facebook page and Facebook Marketplace.

The second tier of ChatSilo, ChatSilo Pro, is $279 per year, which works out to less than $24 per month. You receive all the features of ChatSilo Starter and can connect up to three Facebook Messenger Accounts. Finally, ChatSilo Lifetime is available for a one-time payment of $499. Within just two years of usage, your total is less than $9 per month. The third tier enables you to connect up to five Facebook Messenger accounts and enjoy all of the unlimited features listed above.

Why ChatSilo Is The Best Mini Facebook Messenger CRM

The winner of this head-to-head comparison is clear. Chatsilo offers more features and functionality at a fraction of the cost of Pepper4FB. With ChatSilo, you can create unlimited message templates and tags and send unlimited friend requests and welcome messages.

Pepper4FB does not integrate with other tools, so you cannot set up Google Calendar reminders. Unfortunately, the gaps in service with Pepper will likely lead to missed leads and opportunities that fall through the cracks.

If you are looking for the best Facebook Messenger CRM application, ChatSilo is your answer. Start a free trial today and experience all ChatSilo has to offer your business, including Messenger sales funnels, automated processes, and more!

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