The Best Messenger Funnels Alternative In 2023 (Seriously)

Are you looking for a mini Facebook Messenger CRM? There is a better solution than Messenger Funnels!

Your Facebook messages are an essential part of your business. When you work out of your personal Facebook account, it is easy for messages to get lost and leads to disappear. If you are using Facebook for lead generation, you need a better alternative to Messenger Funnels.

Thankfully, a Facebook CRM exists to help you boost conversions!

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The Facebook Messenger productivity tool you need.

Your Facebook CRM should handle all of the tasks you need to nurture leads from Facebook messenger.

ChatSilo is the only Facebook messenger CRM that handles all of the tasks necessary for managing leads and projects in order to boost sales. From tagging conversations and making notes to setting up reminders and pairing with your Google calendar, ChatSilo does it all.

“This is the only extension I could find that fulfils this need to organize and sort through Facebook messages. I rely on Messenger to generate leads for my business, and the current feature set is already a lifesaver.” – Ian Johnston

Custom tags to work for your business.

With ChatSilo, you can create unlimited tags that meet the needs of your business. Tag conversations in Facebook messenger to correspond with your sales funnel and easily filter conversations as needed. You will never lose another Facebook messenger conversation again. And with unlimited notes and reminders, you can catch up quickly on any conversation and respond in a timely manner. Get ready to watch your conversions increase more with ChatSilo than any other Facebook CRM.

“Really helpful! I’ve been waiting for something like this to exist. This is going to help me so much.” – Andrés Orbegozo

Constant updates to meet your needs.

At ChatSilo, we are always making upgrades to meet the needs of your business. In addition to the many features ChatSilo already offers, we are regularly adding new features.

We value the input of ChatSilo users and strive to add features that will benefit you and your business. We just added support for Facebook Marketplace as well as Facebook Pages. Not only that, you can now mass message your Facebooks contact with different criteria.

Upcoming features include multi tagging, and keyword identifiers.

“The developer went out of his way to respond directly to my support question and is helping me solve a unique issue I encountered with my plan for using this extension to grow my business. Can’t wait to see how this grows, and it’s unbelievable that Facebook hasn’t already implemented something like this.” – Ian Johnston  

Ready to boost your Facebook messenger conversions? Check out how easy it is to use ChatSilo with Facebook messages.

Message & Templates

There are likely messages you send all the time to leads in various stages of your sales funnel. Save a considerable amount of time by using predefined message templates that you create.

Quickly follow up with your leads and other conversations with the click of a button.

Unlimited Notes

When a lead or customer contacts you for the first time in a long time, you’re left wracking your brain trying to remember what your last conversation was about. Instead, you can create unlimited notes on your messages to jog your memory and personalize every interaction.

Google Calendar Integration

For entrepreneurs, if it’s not on the calendar then it does not get done. Make sure all of your follow-ups and messages are scheduled in advance by integrating ChatSilo with your Google calendar. You will never miss another opportunity to convert your leads into sales.

Designed for You

ChatSilo is fast and lightweight. It integrates with Facebook Messenger, Facebook Marketplace as well as Facebook Pages in just minutes and requires no experience to set up. Best of all, this software is free to start with. You can even access customer support via email, chat, or our Facebook group.

Boost your conversion rate through Facebook messenger with your all-inclusive CRM.

Features are everything when it comes to the success of your business through Facebook messenger. When you compare Messenger Funnels vs ChatSilo, the better option is clear.

ChatSilo offers the features you need to follow up with leads and increase your conversion rate through Facebook messenger. With new features added on a regular basis, your business is sure to improve with ChatSilo.

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Create Messenger funnels and keep track of important conversations on Facebook Messenger