How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace in 2023

These days, many shoppers are opting for online purchases. This has become the trend lately. And it is really not strange that this is happening at this time.

Nowadays, fewer people visit the physical store to make purchases. The older generations are the majority of the people who still do. What this indicates is that many business owners have now resorted to selling their products and services on-line, adjusting to the consumers’ needs simultaneously.

Hence, the idea of the Facebook marketplace and how to sell on the platform.

Facebook is undoubtedly a prominent tool for brands to sell their products to targeted audiences. While it formerly used to be a peer-to-peer shopping marketplace, the platform has expanded significantly over the years to accommodate merchant selling.

Owing to this evident growth, they have also become increasingly aware, and sensitive to the different means by which they can serve their customers better.

Why Facebook Marketplace?

In October 2018, the total number of people using the Marketplace was 800 million across the globe. As its name implies, a marketplace is a destination where people can discover, buy and sell products.

It is a place where people can find what they are looking for. All they have to do is filter the results by location, category and price. The retail world is increasingly becoming omnichannel, and with diverse opportunities to sell in different places.

As such, Facebook Marketplace offers businesses and brands an opportunity to leverage on the interactions that happen on Facebook everyday. That is, they can buy, sell or drive discovery and sales of their key products in a market where consumers are already shopping.

Benefits of selling on Facebook Marketplace

As a business owner, Facebook Marketplace offers immense means of the way your products are discovered. This is obviously something anyone would find thrilling at this time. Generally, Facebook Marketplace is beneficial such that:

1. Retailers can have access to extended reach

2. An enhanced personalized customer experience is possible

What to know before selling on Facebook Marketplace

There are different categories of Facebook Marketplace, and they include: classifieds, clothing & accessories, deals, electronics, entertainment, family, hobbies, home & garden, housing, vehicles.

As a shopper, you can view some or all of the categories and search for a particular product that suits you. But then, how exactly do you sell on Facebook Marketplace? We’ll get to that shortly.

First, the following things must be considered when selling on Facebook Marketplace:

1. It is a must that orders are shipped within 3 days and received within 7 days

If your brand makes handmade goods, you have to modify the available amount to solve demand and supply issues.

2. Not all ecommerce platforms are in sync with Facebook Marketplace

It is important to note that not all ecommerce platforms are in partnership with Facebook Marketplace. 

3. There will be several messages from buyers

Facebook Marketplace is a relatively new concept for some consumers. Therefore, you have to patiently educate them by answering as many questions as they ask and of course, in a timely manner.

This is because they are the ones interested in purchasing your product. Sometimes too, they could be those who have already purchased and would like to receive their items.

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace

With Chatsilo, you are guaranteed an assured way of keeping in touch with your buyers and potential consumers.

Being a mini Facebook Messenger CRM, Chatsilo helps you nurture your leads, manage your chats and follow up with prospects for more sales on Facebook marketplace.

This feature is important especially when related to the way Facebook Marketplace operates because:

  • You can create funnels and keep track of your conversations
  • You get an easy-to-use customer relationship management software (CRM) with Chatsilo to aid proper management of inbound and outbound messages
  • Essential Facebook Marketplace Support, where you get hundreds of messages and potential sales on a daily basis. The catch is, when you list a number of items on the marketplace, many people show interest and following up and closing the sale can be quite tiring. Meanwhile, with Chatsilo, you can stop missing sales on Facebook Marketplace. It’s time to transcend the traditional way of doing things. Choose Chatsilo

Start with a list of the items with photos and descriptions and tag them to a certain location. Click the Marketplace icon and tap the “Sell” button. Then, select the type of item you want to sell, and upload the photos. When you include an item title, description and price, users can search for items and browse by location and category. 


  1. Go from click on Marketplace
  2. Click on “Sell Something”, and then the item you want to sell
  3. Enter an appropriate title for your listing- the price, location, category and description.
  4. Upload your photo by clicking on “+10 Photos”
  5. Now, you can post. If the “post” is grayed out, check again to ensure you have everything filled. 
  6. Ensure judicious pricing of your products
  7. Having posted your products for sale, it’s time to decide on the price you want to sell it. Always remember that you should not price your items so high such that the buyer will seek another source to make the purchase. Be open to negotiating with the buyer and always set the right/fair price for you and your customers.
  8. Take amazing photos
  9. The selling point of your product is your photos. To successfully sell on Facebook Marketplace, ensure you provide clear background photos so that the buyer can see the products without any distractions
  10. Keep an appealing profile
  11. One of the interesting things about Facebook Marketplace is that it has a direct link to the seller’s Facebook profile. That is, you have direct access to your seller and thus, are assured of the sale’s authenticity and credibility. 
  12. Know how to close the deal
  13. You can close your deals via personal message. All your potential buyers can reach out to you with their offers for you to take up the best offer or negotiate further.. Upon arrival at the final price, you can meet to complete the transaction. 


Facebook Marketplace is a vastly growing community of buyers who are eager to make a purchase. Being a listing of local personal ads that is aimed at users and not businesses, is a proven platform to get your sales up especially in this present digitized era.

That, combined with built-in interest targeting as well as easy-to-use product categorization, hands you a tailor-made tool that can help increase business sales. With the peer-to-peer built platform which anyone comes to to make a purchase via Messenger, Chatsilo’s collaboration with this online sales garage would enhance and guarantee even more sales and profit. 

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