The Best Genius Messenger CRM Alternative In 2023

“For every hour minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” Facebook is a massive platform. Your time is money. 

To save that time and stop yourself from losing hours on Facebook, you have found an organizer for your FB messenger -The Genius Messenger CRM.

But how do you know if that is the right messenger CRM for you?

Are you aware of a better alternative?

Worry not, for we’re here to help you choose the best CRM messenger alternative without any hassle.

What is the Genius Messenger CRM?

Genius messenger CRM is a Google Chrome extension developed to help organize your FB messenger. 

The tool helps you to tag your contacts, optimize, and organize your sales pipeline on FB messenger. You can track your leads, schedule your notifications, and automate some of the processes. 

Why You Need A Genius Messenger CRM Alternative?

When you invest your time and money, you need to make sure that you can get as much automation and features as possible. 

The whole goal of adding up an extension or tool to your Facebook sales process is to automate the frequently repetitive tasks.

When you automate, you get time to concentrate and work on your actual sales process, thus freeing up your time to make more sales and money. 

While Genius Messenger CRM offers you automation, it is at a very minimal level. 

ChatSilo Messenger, on the other hand, is a super simple yet highly functional and powerful messenger CRM in the market that does double the automation tasks for you at a lesser cost. 

Let’s find out how it is the best Genius Messenger CRM alternative for you. 

What is ChatSilo?

ChatSilo is a messenger tool that simplifies your FB messenger. It helps you nurture messenger leads, manage your projects, keep track of your conversations, build quality relationships, and follow up with prospects to keep your FB sales smooth. 

The best part about ChatSilo is that it works not only as your Facebook Messenger manager but also works on your Facebook Marketplace as well as your Facebook Pages. 

ChatSilo vs Genius Messenger CRM

Would you like to pay for multiple tools or people to do simple repetitive tasks because one tool doesn’t do it all? I don’t think so.

What you could do instead would be to compare and see for yourself which messenger CRM tool automates the maximum tasks for you in a quick package with fewer efforts from your end. 

Which costs you more?

Genius Messenger CRM charges $37 monthly. Free trial? Nope. You pay upfront and run the tool. However, you have 14 days to check out the tool, after which you can request a refund. 

ChatSilo costs you only $29 monthly. However, ChatSilo lets you run a free trial to see how it suits your business and find out the fantastic wonders it can do to ramp up your Facebook sales. 

Genius Messenger CRM

Can you create Custom Tags?

Yes. Both Genius Messenger CRM and ChatSilo offer you the ability to create color-coded custom tags for your clients, so you never mix up or lose clients. 

Can you create Notes?

You probably need to remember something important about a particular clientele. You’d love to make notes instantly. If your messenger CRM did not have this feature, you’d be writing notes elsewhere. What if you forget to recollect those notes when you are dealing with the client?

Genius Messenger CRM does not offer an option for you to create notes on your clients. 

On the other hand, ChatSilo offers this handy option to create as many important notes you need for as many clients you have. Saves you time and your sale is perfect. 

Do you require message templates?

Yes. Who wouldn’t want to have pre-written templates for messages that you can easily send to your clients without spending a lot of time formulating a message each time for each process of the sales journey? 

Genius Messenger CRM offers the feature to create canned messages so that you can easily send them out. However, you’ll need to manually customize them by writing your client’s name each time for each message. 

ChatSilo, allows you to automate this whole process smoothly. You can create canned message templates for welcoming new sales clients and other customized templates. If you select your clients, their names are auto-added to the template. 

What if you get stuck and need help?

Technology sometimes hangs us tight, and we look for a quick turnaround in terms of support. 

Genius Messenger CRM uses Kartra to power its support, but it’s currently not accessible. 

ChatSilo, however, has a dedicated customer help and support team available on live chat, email support, and dedicated Facebook group support. 

Do you sell on Facebook Marketplace too?

Genius Messenger CRM provides support only for your Facebook messenger. 

ChatSilo has integrated the tool to work directly on your Facebook Marketplace. You can now easily manage your sales directly. 

Do you sell on Facebook Pages?

Genius Messenger CRM does not provide any support for Facebook pages. If you have sales on your FB pages, you’re left out to handle them independently. 

But with ChatSilo, you can manage your entire sales pipeline on your FB pages with so much ease!

Would you want to tag multiple clients to send them messages?

Genius Messenger CRM provides individual tagging since they are still in the beta phase of their application. 

When you use ChatSilo for your Facebook messenger, you can multi-tag clients to message them or create templates. 

Would you need to send out bulk messages?

Genius Messenger CRM provides a primary interface called Global Templates. With this feature, you can create templates to send out to clients with the same tag association. 

ChatSilo helps you send out bulk messages to clients with ease. You can also randomize the messages before sending them out along with delay times between the messages. 

Best Genius Messenger CRM

Do you have more than one Facebook accounts that need managing?

Genius Messenger CRM currently provides messenger CRM support for one FB account.

If you happen to have multiple Facebook accounts, you can use ChatSilo to manage your leads and automate your sales pipeline on every FB account that you have. That would include FB messenger, FB marketplace, and FB pages.

Do you require to create data backup?

Genius Messenger CRM is working on creating a database backup for your clients. 

ChatSilo lets you export your data to Google sheets, thereby automatically creating your client database so you’ll never have to worry about losing contacts or data. 

Not only that, you can use the Chatsilo web app to import and export everything you have on your account.

ChatSiloGenius Messenger CRM
Pricing$29 + Free Trial$37 Monthly 
Custom Tagging
Canned Messages & Customization
Email Support
Google Calendar Integration
FB Marketplace Support
FB Pages Support
Bulk Messaging
Connect unlimited FB accounts
Export Data/data backup

Final Thoughts

A Facebook messenger CRM tool simplifies your tasks, help you make better use of your time, automate repetitive tasks, and keep track of your sales pipeline on Facebook. 

For the right tool, you’ll be investing. Visually comparing the above factors in-depth and relating it to your sales timeline, requirements, and Facebook needs, you can find yourself tending to go for ChatSilo. 

ChatSilo meets all of your Facebook sales needs in messenger, marketplace, and FB pages.  If you’re looking to ramp up your sales and client automation on Facebook, go ahead and try ChatSilo for free.

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